Whisper 03/05/17

The definition of a whisper is basically speaking without the movement of your vocal cords. 

Have you ever experienced what a whisper is? You may have whispered to someone a secret, or whispered something in someone’s ear for privacy, but if you can feel your vocal cords moving then, technically speaking, you’re not whispering.

Today is the fifth day of my fast and the whole point of why I’m doing this is to get closer, and have a better fulfilling relationship with God. One of the things that I’ve noticed throughout my days is that God loves to talk to us. Whether I’m praying, reading my bible, worshiping him through a song, or just going throughout my day God will speak to us.

But the cool thing is that he doesn’t just speak. God likes speaking in privacy with his children so instead he whispers.

Have you ever came across a situation; whether good or bad, and in your head you hear this little voice saying ‘Nope. Don’t do it!’, or you hear it saying ‘Do it! It would be good in the end!’. I like to believe that the little voice in the back of our head is our spirit. Maybe even God’s Spirit.

Now, I don’t want to make this a preaching moment because I have no audacity to be preaching to anyone about anything. But I do want to make this moment count for anyone who is reading this. Because our lives matter. Our decisions will take us to places that we’ve never dreamed about going. Places that either our own hearts desire; which could be limited, or places that our Heavenly Father has planned for us; which is greater than even our own dreams could hold capacity.

Listening to that little voice in the back of your head could be tricky. Tricky in the sense that sometimes when that little voice pops in the back of our head we never truly believe if we should listen to it or not. Sometimes we hear the little whisper and we completely ignore it. Other times we hear the little whisper and we acknowledge it, but choose the opposite of what the whisper is suggesting. But on rare occasions, when we hear that soft whisper in the back of our heads, we are so compelled and so drawn to that little whisper that we do exactly what it tells us to do.

What if we lived our lives by listening to that little whisper everyday? Would our lives improve? Would they prosper? Would anything change?

Sometimes when I’m stuck trying to make a decision about something I like to consider the pros and the cons. Usually if the pros outweigh the cons then I know what my decision is, and vice-versa. But what if the pros and the cons are the same? That’s when I’ll start to make up scenarios about what would happen if I went through with that decision or not.

One of things I’ve learned as a young adult is that I should never let a moment pass me by without knowing I made the decision with peace in my heart. Yes, it’s true that life is short and we should live each day like it’s our last, but that should not be at the expense of our very lives.

So I leave this with you. Listen to that soft whisper in the back of your head. The whisper is abrupt and quick. Other times it lingers filling up our mind. What will you do with the answer the whisper gives you?


Breathe 03/03/2017

To be lost. To be found just to be lost again.

To give it everything you have just to be feel defeated.

Sometimes in life we never know where we’re going. We never know what we’re doing to get to that place that we can’t see. All we know is that we just have to keep going. Keep going forward and whatever you do, don’t give up. Because giving up means that you’re weak.

You are not weak. Even when you feel like giving up. When everything you have given is no longer enough for the world and you are on the verge of giving it all up. You are NOT weak. Because even though you are on the verge, and even though you have all this doubt, fear, and all these feelings of worthlessness inside you; the very moment you become weak is when you go through with giving your life away.

Notice I say ‘giving your life away’, because God does not want us to give away our life but instead give our lives UP to Him.

You are not weak.

You are strong.

When you fall on your knees and you’re crying out to God, THAT is when you are strong.

I want you to think for a moment. Think for a moment about where you are and what you have done.

Now ask yourself are you happy or joyful? Because when you are happy it’s usually just for a quick moment. When you are happy it’s because of something that is happening in the present. But when you are joyful, you are filled with great pleasure, and excitement, in all your life. Not just in the moment but even after the moment is gone.

No one deserves a ‘happy’ life.

Everyone deserves a joyful life.

In life there will trials. There will be tribulations. But don’t let the trials infect your way of living, because then are you living or are you just existing?

So take a deep breath and breathe.

Unexpected 02/28/2016

Life is full of surprises.

Whether it’s good, bad, ugly, exciting, or just downright boring. We never know what life is gonna throw at us.

Sometimes it’s worth celebrating and other times we feel like life has just been throwing a bunch of curve balls that we always end up striking out.

I’m a big Disney fan. Disney movies, Disney World even Disney Channel were/are a big part of my childhood. There’s a movie starring Hilary Duff that premiered in 2004. The movie is called ‘A Cinderella Story’. There’s a quote in that movie that has stuck with me ever since watching it, and I still apply it to almost every aspect of my life.

“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”

Now to be completely honest I don’t know a thing about baseball, but what I think we all know a lot about is the fear of failing. Whether in family, work, life, or relationships; we as human beings are so scared of rejection. We are so fearful that when opportunities come we are quick to recommend someone else rather than ourselves because we don’t see our own potential. We don’t see the greatness in our own gifts.

So take the chance. Take the risk. You never know what could blossom. Even if you do end up striking out at least you don’t have a chorus of resounding voices saying ‘I could’ve but it’s too late now.’

Don’t let the unexpected turns of life keep you from becoming the best that God has planned for you.